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Since 1988 Genesis Custom Homes has been making an impact on the way new homes are built in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas Castle Rock, Elizabeth, and Larkspur. We focus on building high quality homes that meet the needs and desires of our clients by working very closely with them throughout the building process. Genesis Custom Homes wants to build your dream home just the way you imagine it. We use solid construction techniques that make a difference and are just as important as each of the amenities you choose to have. Our founder, Dennis Grover, takes the time to work with each of our clients to ensure that their home design needs and desires are met. By involving Genesis Custom Homes during the design process, you can be assured that we will keep you informed on how your design ideas impact your budget. This will save you valuable time and money. Dennis, a certified Master Builder with National Association of Home Builders, has been in the construction industry for over 35 years and has the knowledge and experience in every aspect of the home building process. We believe that communication is vital to successfully building a new home in Colorado Springs. We have implemented a web-based program that allows our clients 24 hour access to information about their home during construction. This program allows us to keep our clients informed on all stages during construction and lists all selections and dates by which selections are needed. We find this extremely helpful, especially to out of town clients because it keeps them informed and connected. Our clients know that they can reach out to us anytime, day or night, with questions or comments.

Genesis Custom Homes Testimonials

""Genesis Custom Homes helped us realize our dream home. The attention to our needs and the details of the home were outstanding. Genesis continues to be attentive to our new home whenever the need arises. They care about their name and it shows. We love living in our work of art and we never want to leave! Thank You Genesis!""
- The Cooper Family

""This is our first experience in building a custom house and we are so thankful we chose Genesis Custom Homes. Dennis's attention to detail, customer follow-up and overall service was more than we expected. Not only during the building process did we experience such a high level of service but long after we moved in Dennis was just as attentive and reliable. If we were to build another house we would only use Genesis Custom Homes!""
- The Gills Family

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