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Inspired by the craftsmanship found in historic homes, in 1980, we had a vision of a home building company that would build high quality, true custom homes for less money throughout Georgia. Whether small or large, we wanted every home to be custom designed and built to meet the individual needs of each owner and their family. To be successful we knew the company would have to adhere to a "customer first" philosophy, follow honest principles and have respect for its customers, employees and community. We believed the company needed to build custom homes of better quality at a lower cost and still provide exemplary service to its customers. Now, over thirty-five years and thousands of beautiful custom homes later, our vision, Southland Custom Homes, is still going strong. Our dedicated employees and trade partners are still delivering, everyday, on our original promise to build a high quality, true custom home for you and your family for less!

Southland Custom Homes Testimonials

"We are so pleased with our SOUTHLAND HOME. Mr. St. Clair is the greatest. He was there for ALL our needs. He answered ALL our questions as we built this home. We are very PROUD of our home. He helped us every step of the way. All the people that worked for him were great. Thanks to everyone's hard work we came out with a very beautiful Home. Mike really put things together for us. THANKS MIKE FOR MAKING OUR DREAMS CAME TRUE. WITHOUT YOU WE WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE. "
- Ronald & Brenda E. of Snellville, Georgia

"Thank you for leaving me the message on last Friday, advising you were going to be out of town. I made a site visit and was amazed at the speed things are going. I hope you had a nice trip, I will be going to Las Vegas next week the 10th, 11th, and 12th. I'm not a gambler I have always wanted to go there to see the sights, I have done Florida to death. One last blast for a while before I have to anchor down and pay for my new house."
- Virginia W.

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