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We’re Here To Help! Whether you’re ready to build on your own lot, or searching for land to purchase, we can help. Do you have a plan of your own, or would you like to choose from our vast selection of custom plans? Or would you rather work with our skilled plan design staff and interior designers to create a truly original plan, designed just for you? Lillian has the flexibility to work side-by-side with you to build a home that’s a perfect fit. From start to finish, we offer outstanding design, competitive pricing, superior construction and outstanding customer service. As one of the most respected and premier builders in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we insist on using many of the most advanced building materials to create homes that are as long-lasting and energy efficient. We also meet or exceed requirements for the Energy Star program and the International residential Code for construction. Few builders are as experienced as Lillian Custom Homes with building on individual lots. We always strive to work closely with you and remove any guesswork. We’re also glad to say that we work with a diverse group of customers. We’re experienced in making alterations or considerations in our plans to meet your needs.

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