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The philosophy of Mint Homes is simple, Quality without Compromise. All of our homes share a host of quality construction features that yield a low maintenance home of sound structure. The application of superior grade materials and a stringent, inspection-driven build cycle ensure the sanctity of home and peace of mind. Our exceptional proprietary design makes the most of tight spaces and leaves you with room to grow. We build homes to suit your lifestyle, and hence believe that upgrades should be the standard. In each of the neighborhood where we build, we are committed to the long term development of the area, in a manner that truly builds community. We feel that this approach provides maximum potential for appreciation and return on your investment. Mint Homes is not just your builder, we are also your neighbor. At Mint Homes, we understand that the quality of our products reflect directly upon the caliber of our reputation. Thus, every project is undertaken with the intent to deliver a truly superior product to the market. This results in a more stringent process of development, but history has proven the additional effort is justified. Life is in the Details.

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