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Frank Sitterle began his career more than 50 years ago as a custom home builder in the San Antonio area. With a passion for creating beautiful homes built to last, Mr. Sitterle quickly established himself as one of San Antonio’s premier builders. The fact that many Sitterle homebuyers are second-generation owners of Sitterle Homes speaks volumes about both the quality of the homes and the personal attention every homebuyer receives. In 2005, Mr. Sitterle became partners with Frank Sitterle, Jr. and Jeff Buell. Sitterle Homes expanded into Austin in 2009 and into Houston by 2012, focusing on upscale communities in areas poised for growth. Sitterle Homes has been very well-received in Austin, with home sales in its communities exceeding expectations. The year 2012 ushered in the expansion of Sitterle Homes into the Houston market, where it is currently building in five of the city’s most desirable locations. Sitterle Homes builds a wide range of homes, from patio homes to estate homes, and is considered an expert in luxury garden homes. The company’s origins in the custom home market are evident in the luxurious finishes and details found in every home. Homebuyers who choose Sitterle Homes experience a level of personalization that far exceeds any other homebuilder in the area. Schedule Your Appointment

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