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Technology defines the age in which we live, so isn't it about time the construction industry kept pace? The notion that the old way of building is the only way to build is no longer true. Just as advances to the internet and new applications for the latest smart phone arrive daily, the science and technology behind the way buildings are built (and the way their systems perform) is changing at a remarkable speed. From advanced structural materials and energy-saving mechanical systems to state-of-the-art internal systems and features, you want your home or commercial building to function in a more ecological and sustainable way. In order to achieve this, you need a construction management team that can ensure your dream home or investment property will provide you the absolute finest of what technology and science have to offer. At Spencer Construction Management, (SCM) we strive to provide our clients with the most innovative, forward thinking, and sustainable building practices available in today's ever-changing world. Our work is leading edge, and often times, the ideas and concepts we incorporate will later be adopted by mainstream construction contractors. Spencer Construction Management has formed a team of consultants from all areas of the construction marketplace. We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope and provide our clients with a unique, full-service construction management team that is not merely satisfied with the status quo. We're not interested in simply doing things because "that's the way they have always been done." One of our key goals is to discover a way to do it better. Whether you have a new or existing project, we would love to show you our work and demonstrate how we can help you enter this exciting new world of construction.

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